Jetting off to foreign lands

Jetting off to foreign lands and sailing the open waters with a bunch of strangers takes chutzpah. It also requires flipping your Outlook calendar the big ol’ middle finger. Listen, we’re all busy. Comparing your busy to my busy….well, it’s just so bourgeois.  Life – particularly as a 30-something who is fairly responsy, independent, and making decent money – can get super “grindy.” It’s one big, life-long playlist set on repeat of airport security lines, conference calls, and pumping Starbucks intravenously. (Coincidentally, I write this at a comfortable cruising altitude of 28,000 feet). Two of YACHTLEGEND’s founders are lifelong friends, and when they spoke of their new adventure and asked if I’d come along on the inaugural fleet, well, honestly the first thought was, “Can’t.”  Like I’m super important and I’ve got like this super important job where other super important people count on me to make super important decisions. Duh. Then I realized how suburban that sounded. Dana Brown is many things, but she is not suburban.


In a world of the tragically average, YACHTLEGEND gives mediocre a crippling round-house kick to the face. If the biggest thrill on your next vacation is the free brekkie at Hampton Inn, perhaps life has gotten away from you. #sad. Get on a yacht, crack open a cold beverage, and take in one big breath of what being badass feels like. Become bunk-mates with a cool chick who works for Google in London. Brush up on your embarrassingly broken German skills with your über-German skipper. Hold hands with a stranger from Minnesota as you jump off a Spanish cliff together….literally. Watch the sun set over The Med with your new besties and reflect on the common folk back home. You were once one of them.


I would be willing to bet those who sailed said inaugural YACHTLEGEND fleet will reflect on their first voyage and each takeaway a different epic moment. Therein lies the magic of YACHTLEGEND. Your journey is whatever you make of it. Whatever underlying impulse you’ve been stifling as you drag your feet through the monotony of everyday life, I guarantee it will emerge, and you will feel so free. Some remark the sea is wet; YACHTLEGEND’s observe it as an abyss of opportunity, a symbol of the expanse of different worlds connected by water and by boat. You could stay on land, or you could be a participating sailor on the sea of life.  YACHTLEGEND implores you to do the latter.


I’ve got another six or so months to grind it out with all of you plebes before I regain my title of YACHTLEGEND. The thing is, I’m officially one for life and I want you to be one too.  There are about 60 other YACHTLEGEND’s awaiting you this summer.  Come and discover that inner rockstar that’s been there all along.  As the legend goes, that person is pretty rad. Join us.


When not embracing all that is YACHTLEGENDary, Dana is the US Director of Sales for Tribal Sportswear, is based out of the Big D (and we do mean Dallas!) and a big fan of impromptu pub-crawls and pondering the possibilities if toe rings could talk.  You can follow her misadventures on Instagram at divadana1.