The beauty of YACHTLEGEND is in its routes, which end in the same marina from which you depart.  Arrival details for each route are described on the corresponding page, along with the airport codes.

If traveling from outside Europe, you may want to arrive a day early and spend a night locally where you can find dozens of hotels in a variety of price ranges within a short distance of the marinas. Airbnb is a wonderful resource to use here.  Then it's just a matter of showing up to the marina by 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. 


PMI - Palma de Mallorca Airport, or locally known as Son Sant Joan Airport


ATH - Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"


CFU - Corfu International Airport, "Ioannis Kapodistrias"


Our rule of thumb: as little as possible. A couple bathing suits, cheap sunglasses, lightweight clothes, sunscreen, and your iPod will be key implements of survival. It's also important to bring a bit of spending cash for treks into local marina-towns and for tipping your skipper and hostess at week's end (10-15% is welcomed, depending on degree of perceived amazeballs-ness). Though you'll rarely wear shoes, the few times you do will be in establishments where there is potential for broken glass, so in addition to flip-flops, we recommend something that straps securely around your ankle and foot. You'll have very little need for much else.  

Except of course a crew costume. We've seen banana suits, Borat man-kinis, fluorescent wigs, and the Statue of Liberty.  Surprise us. There will be one designated costume competition. And whatever you do, pack it all into soft-side luggage only. Yacht cabins are shaped like the inside of a whale's belly, so rollerboards don't work.  



Every moment you spend on the yachts is a moment taken care of by YACHTLEGEND. Your on-water experience is 100% covered. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack every day; unlimited beer and wine throughout the week; skipper and hostess service included de rigueur; and all fuel and marina/mooring fees taken care of by us. When you are on our yachts, your life is cake. 

We inspect all YACHTLEGEND vessels first-hand in their home marinas before chartering to ensure they are of the same high quality. Every yacht in our fleet is big, beautiful, and young with the same basic cabin configuration. Thus, YACHTLEGEND pricing is a flat price, regardless of which yacht you sail. When it comes to the on-water YACHTLEGEND experience, think of it as a seven-day fleet membership where all of your living expenses are covered. Your berth in the fleet includes the following:

  • The yacht itself for seven days and seven nights

  • Professional certified skipper

  • Professional hostess

  • Sailing instruction every day

  • All marina mooring fees

  • All yacht fuel consumed on the trip 

  • On-yacht meal preparation and beach picnics

  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages for the week* 

  • Locally-sourced beer and wine for the week**

You may scoff at some of the trivialities included in this list. We list them because we don't want you worrying about a thing this week.  Hakuna matata bitches.

*When we say "for the week", we mean it. Upon boarding, you will find your boat stocked with food and liquids to last you the week. This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and materials for the few scheduled onboard dinners. This also includes liquids for the week (e.g. water, soft drinks, juice, etc). Should you run low on any of these items, you will have multiple opportunities to request a re-stock. 

**We happily stock you with beer and wine, but we can’t begin to imagine which spirits set your party animal free. To keep things simple, guests are responsible for stocking their own liquor. We recommend procuring your poison at the duty-free on your way to the marina.



In addition to a phenomenal on-water experience that is itself enough to live life as a legend for one full week, we also find ourselves exploring remote islands and towns on land several times during the week.  On-land expenses are not covered by YACHTLEGEND.


When you sail with YACHTLEGEND, you are legally entwined with the charter company that owns the boat, not with YACHTLEGEND. To understand this relationship, all YACHTLEGEND crew members must read and agree to the YACHTLEGEND Terms & Conditions. Additionally, all YACHTLEGEND crew members must obtain personal travel insurance valid for the duration of the trip. We recommend the insurer World Nomads, which offers travel insurance to people from over 150 countries including coverage for medical, evacuation, baggage, and a range of adventure sports and activities.