BVI...been there, done that?  Too many people?  Roger, we hear ya.  We have a spot - just as beautiful, same wind, waaaaayyy better diving. The best part? 10% of the crowd.  AND same quality rum, if not better.  Join for a sailing adventure or add on a SCUBA diving trip beginning on the Caribbean gem of Grenada and visiting Carriacou and Petite St. Vincent along the way.  Your transportation: a nice big catamaran.

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// ST. LOUIS MARINA // 12°02.637'N 061°44.873'W

Arrive to the yacht at 5PM for welcome drinks and snacks before getting settled in and attending your safety briefing with your skipper and crew.  Afterwards, we find some amazing local eats in town!  





// GRAND MAL // 12°05.091'N 061°45.762'W

Get the day started right with a healthy breakfast to set you up for success for your first dive in Grenada!  YachtLegend crew will have a spread of smart fare for you to enjoy as we prepare to sail to our first dive location.  The first dive will be a gentle refresher to get us back in tune with how to blow some bubbles.

When you pop up from the dive you'll find lunch and snacks waiting for you.  We'll get our first sail in today as we wait out our surface interval.  Second dive will start early PM to allow for another shore sail to our anchorage for the night.



// ILE DE RONDE - PARTIE UN // 12°18.590'N 061°35.474'W

This morning we depart early as we have our first big sail of the week!  No worries though, no need to be up for departure as your crew takes care of all that for you.  Breakfast underway as you watch the yacht splash through the crystal blue waters towards the pristine island of Ile de Ronde.

Arguably some of the best diving in the Southern Caribbean, we'll aim for getting several tanks in here.  There are a few drift dives, coral/reef dives, broken earth formations, and walls.  So much to do, so little time!



// PARADISE BEACH AT CARRIACOU // 12°28.487'N 061°28.982'W

As there are so many dive sites at Ile de Ronde, we can sneak in a morning/sunrise dive for those interested before sailing north to Carriacou.  Once we arrive at Carriacou (by late morning) we'll snag a coral and sponges dive followed by a wreck dive if we're up for it!  Then, it's on to our first landing on the island of Carriacou!

The town of Hillsborough is a quiet spot to grab some lunch and a beer.  Patti's deli makes the best sandwiches around and is worth the stop.  Pair yours with a local ginger beer for a killer afternoon combo.  Spend a couple hours checking out the town or just chill at a local restaurant/bar.

We'll spend the night back on the boat at the amazing anchorage at Sandy Island.  Of course, we'll have to get some of the delicious eats at Paradise Beach.  Enjoy the evening as tomorrow is a leisurely start!



// PETITE ST. VINCENT // 12°32.063'N 061°23.077'W

Enjoy this morning!  Relaxed start to the day and we can still get 3 tanks in!  Start the day with a gentle reef dive, which should have some really colorful coral.  Move on to a wall dive just a short sail away.  Then, up and over the north end of Carriacou to a drift dive around a tiny island!  All of this before a planned do-nothing-on-the-beach afternoon!

We'll park in front of a small private island; the owners of which allow us to use a small section of the beach.  Hang out getting your tan on and some swim time in along the white sand beach.  Head over to Goatie's bar for a cocktail before dinner at the restaurant on the beach.  Don't bother wearing shoes to dinner.  I never have!



// ILE DE RONDE - PARTIE DEUX // 12°18.590'N 061°35.474'W   

This place is so good we just can't get enough!  We'll start the day with a sail back towards Sandy Island at Carriacou and begin the dives with a drift dive along the north wall.  We'll then pickup for a sail back to Ile de Ronde and get in two more dives that we didn't get to on our way north.

As the sunsets are stunning from this anchorage, spend your evening enjoying the yacht, sipping on fantastic rum cocktail of El Caribe!



// ST. LOUIS MARINA // 12°02.637'N 061°44.873'W

For those with more than 24 hours before their flight, we'll start today with one last dive of our favorite spot at Ile de Ronde before sailing south towards Grenada.  Upon arrival at Dragon bay, we'll snorkel over to the underwater sculpture park for another topside viewing of the spectacular sculptures.  We'll lunch here then spend the afternoon sailing and swimming in unadulterated Caribbean waters!

Tonight we park the yacht in St. Louis marina and dine on the town like Kings and Queens!  There will be lots of stories to be retold and memories to be shared.  And certainly more than a couple of pics to post to stoke the envy of all your friends back home.


// ST. GEORGES // 12°02.642'N 061°44.847'W

Today we unfortunately end our voyage around the Grenadines. Our home for the week must be returned, cleaned and prepared to head back out on charter. Pack your bags and catch the shuttle to the airport after one last swim. If you're not leaving until later in the day, hang in town for a while walking the Carenage or hiking to the top of the fort that protected the harbor back in the day.


  • Professional Skipper (Chef additional()

  • Private cabin on a luxury yacht

  • All dive equipment (BCD, Regulator, Tanks, Wetsuit, Mask, Fins...Though we encourage you to bring your own mask, fins, and snorkel)

  • 7 breakfast

  • 6 lunch

  • 3 dinner (dinners in town are not included in price and are the responsibility of the individual)

  • Non-alcoholic beverages

  • As much sail instruction as you desire


A very sexy, new catamaran will breeze around the islands and into the protected coves and bays where you seek to discovered the hidden treasures of the depths.  Get closer to those dive sites so you have more bottom time than your buddies.